Monday, January 2, 2017

3.8 Stories

Dear sweet diary, I'm currently in the basement of my Aunt Emma's. She remodels/rebuilt the original house.   But how I got out of the prison where I had been transported is so funny.  This is the story David told me once we got here.  "I went to the Dragos, the mafia family, in town-since they the only ones in the world,  I told Caesar Drago about your problem and he said he knows someone who could help. At that point gentleman looking man came in, and Caesar 'David, this is Tony, aka Meatball, Tony, this is David Landgraab. ' Caesar told me his plan to have me be a drag queen to get you out of prison.  His wife and his sister put me in the dress and put a wig on and put make-up on. "    David showed up at the prison and told me "I'm you're great-aunt Celeine Von Plumbom Von Boxto." 

 Each day David and I eat together in the kitchen that I think used to be Tante Carly's bedroom before she was a nanny to Aunt Emma and Pere. Then during the day, we play the arcade machine, do some yoga and relax in the sauna. 

Three days later, Tony came to us and told us "  First I went to your parents' place America, and I was greeted by your every angry twin sister. 'How could America do this to us!! She's ruining our family name!!'  I told her 'You're SISTER WAS  FRAMED and maybe if you had been there for her as a child and a young teenage you might have seen through Harley.'

Next  I took  Lacey, and Liberty  to an Italian restaurant, and ate some delicious food. Then I took them to the park and showed them my singing and instrumental skills  

'Pay no attention/ to the man behind the curtain/he's a brainless, heartless, coward/with no power/that 's just another trick of his/he ain't no wiz so don't feed his fire./ jump in my balloon/ I will take you higher/take you somewhere over the rainbow'  

Lacey had the courage to tell Tony first  'Harley took me out for supper and he yelled at me  when I was drawing when we're waiting for our supper.  told me I wish 'childish' for doing that. After supper we went to the Willow Creek museum where we danced for a second and then the next minute he was threatening to have my family hurt if I didn't testified against America.'

Liberty did 'Same thing happened with me except he took me to a pool and that's when we danced and then he told me he would run my family out of town if I too didn't testified against America.'   They both agreed to testified on your side this time around. America.. but we need proof that Kerry's had this plan all along since your Mere survived thanks to your Pere.  Oh and Lucy said she will help if she can."

David said "I heard Harley mentioning something about Kerry mentioning something about a book. I think  Kerry's Revenge."   Tony noticing my outfit-I have an idea-I will have Lucy have a baby-sitting club including Harley's little brother and she will read Peter Pan for a couple of days. After a particular chapter-you will go at night and tell the boy that Peter needs a specific book from the books in the office." 

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